Agricultural innovations at best

We have conducted various pilot projects in Qatar with Hassad Farms, QADCO Farm, Al Yoon Farm, and Ajaj Farm, to showcase the prowess of bio-inputs developed by our experts.   

The pilot projects have achieved the desired results. We have demonstrated that our chemical-free bio-fertilizers, bio-stimulants, and bio-pesticides enhance the yield and safety of agricultural food production in Qatar.

We are happy to elicit positive responses from our clients at different stages of the agricultural cycle for the quality of the crop, yield levels, and pest control.

We are carrying out several rounds of trials to encompass a broader catalogue of crops. This will further demonstrate how our bio-inputs boost soil fertility, shorten crop production timelines, and improve the quality of the harvest and produce in Qatar.

The success of these pilot projects in harsh environments and climate conditions is a major achievement. It confirms that our products will play a key role in ensuring Qatar produces a range of food products on a large scale.