Bio inputs

More effective, safer and cheaper

Amid growing concerns in different parts of the world against using potentially harmful chemical-based pesticides, a yearning for natural farming methods is only natural. We at the Contec Global Group have demonstrated how bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides have proven effective in achieving food security, when appropriate farming techniques were used. Over the years, we have also found bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides to be cheaper, more effective, and environment-friendly.

Bio Fertilizers

Safe yet powerful

Bio-fertilizers comprise bacteria, fungi, and actinomycetes that survive in and around the root rhizosphere and enhance plant growth and yield. Our bio-fertilizers that will roll out of our Qatar factory, comprise essential nutrients for the plants and help them get the right amount of atmospheric nitrogen they need. More importantly, our bio-fertilizers are known to produce various plant growth-promoting hormones that help farmers achieve a higher yield.

Bio Pesticides

Targeted solution

Bio-pesticides, derived from natural materials like plants, bacteria, fungi, and viruses (microbial origin) and certain minerals, were found more effective than the conventional chemicals-based pesticides in controlling pests. Our farmer partners found that bio-insecticides attacked pests in a targeted manner and left alone other living beings like birds, insects, and mammals.

Three of our bio-pesticides – Fixit, Neemsol, and Zeropest – have been shared with our farmer partners during trials held in Qatar. Likewise, four growth stimulants – Floro Zen Plus, Nitrofix, Siri, and Sweed – have also been distributed.

Plant Growth Promoters

Precision care

Plant growth promoters are chemicals derived from the plant itself. These small chemicals are produced by the crop naturally to regulate its development and growth. These PGPs enhance plant growth naturally through the various stages by promoting cell division, enlargement, seed formation, and flowering & fruiting.

These growth promoters are intended to accelerate the rate of growth and maturation of crops or plants, without disturbing their natural physiological actions. Not only do they increase the yield, but also prevent pathogens from attacking the plant.

These natural agents are highly efficient in boosting the all-round development through metabolic
regulation of the crops from the roots to the leaves.

List of Bio Input Products

Probiotic Seeds

Redefining vitality

We make our probiotic seeds – prepared by using our own process to ensure these seeds have a 100 percent success rate. From inside the embryo, the baby plant comes out immunized and can fight diseases better.

Agro Science

Best Business Practices

Our team of experts – agricultural scientists, agronomists, and marketing – would take the farmers through various stages of farming: from seeds selection to nursery preparation, sowing, pest management, usage of bio inputs, harvesting, grading, and packaging. The idea is to train the farmers and supervisors in farming with our bio inputs, probiotic seeds, and bio-fertilizers. The farm produce is free of any harmful chemicals.

Since most of our partners would be introduced to our new farming methods and technology, our experts will train them in various areas. This will include assistance at every step of
the farming process until the crop is harvested. Our Agri Best Practices training would include post-harvest activities, like grading and packing, storing, and transportation to the markets. In many cases, we will purchase the entire produce at a predetermined price.