Chairman's Message

The Future Beckons Us

By Dr Benoy Berry

Today, we are standing on the threshold of a brave new world where technology will be increasingly developed and deployed to address a wide range of issues that have a bearing on human life quality.

The recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus has served us a grim reminder that despite technology taking giant strides, there’s more that needs to be done to construct an ethics-based, transparent and dependable framework of technology. It should respond quickly to challenges faced by humankind.

Our expedition into Qatar marks a significant milestone for us. Since the blockade on Qatar was imposed on 5th June 2017, not only has the country successfully ensured food security for its citizens and resident expatriates, but it has also opened new vistas for innovation in farming and agriculture methods, to turn Qatar into a global farming hub.

Greenfields’ foray in Qatar comes when the country is well on course to establishing itself as the prime player in food security within the Gulf region and as a major player in the international food market.

Greenfields brings cutting-edge technology and best agricultural practices to Qatar. Given its strategic location, Qatar is a regional and global hub of trade and commerce. I have no doubt in my mind that this is a win-win situation for both sides.
We needed a base where the government is looking for global relevance and using technology for excellence. Qatar, indeed, fits the bill perfectly for us. We are looking at Qatar as the hub for our bio-inputs’ concentration plant – from where bio-inputs’ concentrates will be sent out to various blending plants across the globe.

Qatar has been taking giant strides towards achieving food security. We want to create a holistic agriculture hub in the country, which remains sustainable even during trying times such as the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our method entails natural farming. For, this is how farming was intended to be – as per the laws of Nature. Our products are free of chemical contamination.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values strive to promote sustainable farming, greening of the desert, reduction in greenhouse effect, reduced aflatoxin poisoning, promoting good health by removing GMO from our food chain, and promoting sustainable and affordable precision farming practices in general. Greenfields is an initiative committed towards the promotion of a sustainable future with biologically developed agricultural inputs which nurture the soil and plant health and add value to the farmer’s welfare.

For Qatar, it gives the chance to get international relevance and at the same time earn revenues and achieve food security. It’s about ticking off all the boxes.

What’s more, in the energy-rich Qatar, is that we are looking at an ultra-premium-variety of products, which have to be fantastic quality.

In conclusion, we are super excited about our venture in Qatar. We believe the future beckons us here in Qatar.