Our Story in Qatar

Think Sustainability, Think Greenfields.

An initiative committed towards the promotion of a sustainable future with biologically developed agricultural inputs which nurture the soil and plant health.

Greenfields, part of the Contec Global Group founded by Dr. Benoy Berry in 1984, is among the world’s leading agriculture innovation brands. The Contec Global Group has expanded its footprint to the Middle East region by setting up two Greenfields entities in Qatar – ‘Greenfields Global Agriculture’ and ‘Greenfields Sustainables.’
The Greenfields companies in Qatar provide a wide range of agricultural solutions with modern and scientific methods for farmers. We are committed to promoting a better tomorrow with bio-based inputs that nurture soil and plant health solutions that are effective, efficient, and environmentally responsible.

Greenfeilds brand of companies

Greenfields Global Agriculture (GGAL):

Greenfields Global Agriculture provides consultancy services in sustainable agriculture through innovative offerings designed to reinvent farming cultures through the adoption of practices resulting in improved soil fertility and agricultural productivity.

Greenfields Sustainables (GSQL)

Our planet has suffered worst abuse through sustained use of toxic chemical substances. This has not only injected chemicals in the food chain, but also led to a reduction in the quality and productivity of soil over a period of time.

Greenfields Sustainables envisions the microbes already present in the soil as the leading player in developing innovative, 100% natural bio-inputs that will responsibly and profitably tackle this challenge for a better tomorrow.

Contec Global Agro Limited

innovation that brings sustainability along with profitability

Quality, innovation, passion, and respect for Nature have always been the core values for the Contec Global Group. Contec Global Agro stands testimony to the impelling drive and commitment of their founder, Dr. Benoy Berry, towards bringing about a metamorphosis in food security and food chain management.

Dr. Berry’s vision came to fruition when the company’s first bio-inputs manufacturing facility opened in Nigeria.

Contec Global Agro’s lab in Abuja is the first such facility in Nigeria to be certified by the Institute of Science Laboratory Technology (NISLT) to carry out agro research, control, analysis, product fermentation and develop unique and beneficial microorganisms for agriculture.

We develop organic, earth-friendly, efficient, and commercially viable farming products such as bio-seeds, bio-fertilisers, and bio-planting to help Africa develop its agriculture industry and ensure food security.

Our range of products would be used at all stages of farming, including seed treatment, root dipping, soil application, and drip irrigation. Our laboratories would be instrumental in growing and analysing bacteria and in the usage of biotechnology to develop plants that are immune to harm. This, on ground, would herald a move to progressive, tech-based, soil-friendly, chemical contamination-free, and sustainable agricultural practices.